WC844 Reviews


[4.0] Those from Montana
from CA

I also get a kick out of those who look down their noses at other opinions.
Yes this powder is good stuff…like all powder…just depending on what you use it for.
Recommend highly for .223.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0] universal .223 Remington gun powder
from MT

I get a kick out of review writers making absolute statements of disgust or praise about reloading components. Knowing how fickle each and every rifle is there is no such thing as an absolute best or worst statement about any reloading component given the firearm and its characteristics, the component and most importantly the guy or gal putting it all together. That being said and having loaded many 223 rifles with this powder, for me at least, this powder has given the most consistent performance, velocity per grain of weight of powder and years of consistent performance by the manufacturer. If you shoot a .223 Remington I predict this powder will more than likely do everything you expect a powder to do in your favorite firearms where this powder and its burn rate is useful. If it doesn’t please don’t make a statement like, “this powder is terrible just because it does not work the best in yours. Remember that in your next 223 load in a different rifle this powder could be the best powder in the universe.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0] Great for 7.62 x 54R
By T.
from MI

I use WC844 with several bullets in my Mosin/Nagant reloads and LOVE it. I know this powder is typically recommended for smaller calibers (.223 etc.) but please know that it works well in the big-boy brass also. I always find ball powder a nuisance to work with vs. extruded, but I just can’t argue with the results. I use WC844 under a Woodleigh 174g .312 bullet in 7.62 x 54R and easily cover a dime @ 100yds in a 5-shot group. This is a heavy-game load bullet…probably too much for whitetail….but it outperforms almost anything in .311 caliber.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0] Most Accurate 223 Powder I have used
from CA

I shoot 223 for fun and also off the bench for informal 100 yard target. I have several rifles and load all my own ammo. I have tried dozens of bullets and several powders. This powder reduced my group size by half, regardless of the bullet I used.

I never really gave powder type much weight in the accuracy formula and always thought, seating depth, bullet brand / type and load consistency were the most important elements – This really opened my eyes!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[2.0] I don’t like it. Compared…
By H.
from UT

I don’t like it. Compared to other powders I use in 223 such as 2230, TAC, target…it has higher pressure, lower velocity and lots of flash. In low light it is tuff to get back on target after getting blinded. It just makes knocking down the second coyote that much harder after your eyes feel like they have been watching a welder…


[5.0] Meters well. Shoots great…
By M
from MI

Meters well. Shoots great in my 223’s. I use more of this stuff than any other powder.


[5.0] So far seems to be the…
from NY

So far seems to be the best powder for my AR’s I have a .223 16″ light weight barrel. WC844 and Midway’s Dogtown bullets 55gr FBHP are a great combo. The best I have found so far for my riffle.WC844 meters excellent and burns real clean. My 6.8 spc 20″ barrel combined with WC844 and 115 grain SMK’s are another great combo. It’ll shoot 1/2 inch or better all day long.


[5.0] At the time of this…
By Chad
from TX

At the time of this review, I’ve gone through 4 pounds of WC844. I am very pleased with the way that it meters. I’m throwing very consistent charges when using my Pro Auto disk setup. I got the WC844 primarily for reloading .223 for my AR15s. I chose the WC844 based on suggestions from others that had used it for 6.8SPC and .308 as well with decent results. It has proven to be a great all-around powder for most of my centerfire needs. It’s outstanding with the .223 and 6.8 (55-68 grain and 110-120 grain bullets respectively) and has been surprisingly good with the .308 as well. I’ve reloaded about 250 rounds of .308 using WC844 and Hornady Match 268gr FMJ HP BT. It’s not full-on match accurate, but still holding an MOA or better and is proving great and economical for standard range outings. I expect more improvement as I fine tune the loads. I cannot comment on temperature sensitivity, as I’ve only been using the WC844 throughout the Texas summer. I am however very pleased with it so far and will continue using it for my everyday centerfire do-everything powder.


[5.0] I’ve used this powder …
from NM

I’ve used this powder exclusively in my .45-70 for 350 and 400 grain bullets. The rifle is an NEF with a 22″ barrel. During the ammo crisis, all I could find were large-rifle magnum primers, and I found that my Nosler manual listed this as one of the few .45-70 loads that called for such a primer. Well, it worked out just fine in the end. I got a chronographed 2050 avg. for a 350 grain Hornady Interlock RN, and the groups were outstanding. It’s got a bark to it, as others have said. For a powder introduced before I was born, it’s clean, accurate, and meters like water. Charge weights are in the 50s for .45-70, so it’s fairly economical as far as the rifle goes. I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind a little extra fireball.


[5.0] Works great in my .223…
By L.
from AZ

Works great in my .223 AR-15’s with 55gr bullets and my 6.8 SPC AR-15 and 115gr Match Kings. Meters great and burns clean.


[5.0] I have tried several…
from NC

I have tried several powders for my .223 Remington loads, and WC844 is THE powder to use. It meters like a dream, gives good loading density, and outstanding velocity and accuracy. I have three rifles in .223 and WC844 is what I load for all three of them.


[5.0] Great stuff! Keep your …
from PA

Great stuff! Keep your ammo out of the hot sun or car. Can and will cause blown primers and enlarged primer pockets. If you can’t find WC844, Blc2 is also excellent.


[5.0] The powder for .223 and…
By B
from KY

The powder for .223 and others of its ilk. Wonderful out to 600M on steel targets with 68G BTHPs.


[5.0] I had been using this in…
from NH

I had been using this in my 303 for a while with good results, so I tried it in 223 Rem also with good results. This is a great deal if you do a lot of shooting.


[4.0] Works great with my…
from GA

Works great with my application for 223 ammo. Pressure is high so if you get to max load really watch for the signs. From lot to lot there’s not much difference. Great quality control. Have used over 15 lbs of this powder. In various temps. It really shines in 50/85 degree temps. Using a 7 1/2 Remington primer, Winchester brass. Clean burning and great for either the bench or hunting. Bullet used most of the time is a Hornady V Max 55 or 60 grain. Have been loading for several different AR’s. With my 20′ and 24′ I get sub moa no problem with this powder. Meters extremely well with my Dillion RL550B.


[5.0] I have used this in both…
By A.
from CO

I have used this in both my 223AI and my 204 Ruger. Meters very well and burns clean. I get slightly better velocity with this compared to another great powder, Benchmark.


[5.0] Great powder! Just real…
from GA

Great powder! Just real hard to find sometimes. I got the 8 pound keg. If you’re going to pay a premium for shipping, do it once. This powder meters well, with my Dillon press. Just work up the load slowly. Lots of pressure is readily there. Consistent F.P.S. I have been getting less than ten f.p.s. between shots. Half inch five shot groups at the hundred are the norm, for my 24′ 1X9 twist varminter DPMS 223 with this powder.


[5.0] I purchased this powder…
from MD

I purchased this powder for my .223 Rem. I use a 55gr Nosler BT for one hole accuracy. I found some data for the .416 Rem for this powder. I loaded 400gr Hornady soft points min to max with great results. Compared to other powders, this one lets out a “bark” and has a forceful kick to it. I guess anything shooting a 400gr bullet will do that. Accuracy was great and metering was excellent as well. I can definitely recommend this powder for .223 Rem and .416 Rem.


[5.0] Good, clean, consistent …
By MR.
from WA

Good, clean, consistent ball type powder, similar if not equal to military WC844, same thing used in the 5.56 NATO round (.223), can be used in .308 as well.


[5.0] WC844 is not normally known…
By G
from KY

WC844 is not normally known as a “pistol” powder. However, when use in a Thompson Contender 7 TCU, WC844 provides more than the necessary essentials for “laying down” all 50 metallic targets during the match. The 7 TCU has been one of my most dependable calibers I have use in the sport. Not only does it provide very good accuracy out of a 10″ barrel, but it provides enough energy to knock down even the most stubborn RAM. WC844 has always been a mainstay in accuracy for the .223 cartridge. Since the 7 TCU is simply a .223 necked up to a 7 mm, it did not take a leap of faith try WC844 as a 7 TCU powder. I use what the Sierra #5 Reloading Manual says is the best load for a 150 gr bullet with a Federal Small Rifle Primer. Without much experimentation the Sierra load delivered what it promised. One note when shooting the 7 TCU; constantly check the neck case walls. Because the neck is not very thick to begin with in the .223, once the neck is sized up to 7mm, it is stretched very thin. Make sure that you don’t tumble you brass too long as this will lead to cracking from the shoulder up. Also, if you use a Neck Sizer Bushing such as the REDDING or RCBS Bushing make sure not to resize the neck diameter too small. This will decrease the case life by thinning the wall and causing it to split too prematurely.


[5.0] I gave WC844 a try in my…
from MI

I gave WC844 a try in my 444 marlin and this stuff is very accurate with 270 grain golddot and 300 grain unicor bullets from speer. Shot a black bear with the 300 grain load penetrated over 40 inches with good controlled expansion.


[5.0] Great powder used with 50…
By T.
from OH

Great powder used with 50 gr. Hornady Spitzer 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards in my Ruger ranch rifle. Also works good in a 30 30 Marlin with a 150 grain bullet with one and 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards. Again it works great.