WC680 Reviews


[5.0]       WC680 is a great smokeless powder for the .17 Hornet
By R.C.
from MD

I have used WC680 for reloading the .17 Hornet. It’s as good as the factory ammo. I clocked it with 12.4 grains of powder and a 20 grain bullet at from 3750- 4200 fps. With a 15.5 grain copper bullet speed increased to 4215 – 4650.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0]       Great powder!
By Rd
from CA

This is the best powder for the 7.62×40 Wilson Tactical wildcat. Very accurate and fast. Fills case perfectly.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0]       Great for 300 Blackout subsonics
By S.
from IN

I’ve been using this for loading 220gr SMK subsonics for my 300 Blackout. Very quiet, accurate and measures nicely in my Dillon 650 press.


[5.0]       WC680 / 357 MAXIMUM
By c.
from MI

at 200 meters it is very accurate. the recoil is not bad.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0]       I use this powder in my 2…
By S.
from PA

I use this powder in my 2 big S&W mags. 460 and 500, in each case the bullets are chrono’ing faster than virtually every other powder with the same grains loaded. They really have a huge muzzle flash also, one of my favorite powders.


[5.0]       I found this to be the…
By A.R.
from NY

I found this to be the best powder to load Beowulf. With the same bullets it consistently produced tightest groups compared with other powders, and highest velocities without overpressure signs. The only drawback is that the grains are so small that it leaks from Lee powder measure when dispensing.


[5.0]       This powder was…
By H.
from CA

This powder was originally designated as 680 by the U.S. arsenal making it for captured SKS and AK47’s in Vietnam for use by U.S. servicemen and the ARVN troops. Tons of it was bought up after the war and renamed as 1680. It is now made according to the original military specifications by another manufacturer. I use it in my ’98 Mauser chambered for the 7.62x39mm with great results using the Hornady .310″ soft points. Burns clean with excellent accuracy and meters easily through the powder dispenser!


[5.0]       I have a 32-20 WCF barrel…
By R.
from PA

I have a 32-20 WCF barrel 26″ for my TC Contender. With this powder I have worked up a load that shoots a 150 grain cast bullet @ 1532 fps and the 5 shot 5 group average is 1.07″ @ 100 yards. It also works well in the 32-20 10″ barrel. Primers are still rounded and case extraction is no problem.


[5.0]       I really like this in my…
By G.
from CA

I really like this in my 45/70 loads and a 250gr Barnes TSX flat nose HP. With a max load from Barnes’s data, it rockets that 250gr bowling ball to 2570 FPS from my 18 inch Guide Gun. That’s some real power from that little rifle.


[5.0]       One of three powders on…
By L.
from OK

One of three powders on the market that are the only way to go for 7.62×39 Russian loads. The advantage provided by WC680 is that it is, like most Accurate powders, very fine and dense, so it meters well in most measures and there is typically plenty of room in an otherwise pretty limited case volume to fine tune your loads. Combined with the Speer 150 gr. soft point bullet, I have developed loads that display very good accuracy and are very reliable performers on medium sized game like whitetails out to 150 yards or so.


[5.0]       No need to experiment…
By K.
from CA

No need to experiment with other powders gentlemen. This one was developed for your 7.62×39. Nuff Said.


[5.0]       I’ve begun using WC680…
By G.
from LA

I’ve begun using WC680 in my .20 Vartarg rifle cartridges. It’s a modified .221 Fireball, with a .204 bullet. I’m getting extremely fine accuracy with a wide variety of powder charges, and I appreciate its density and easy to dispense quality in my Harrell’s powder measure.