WC231 Reviews


[5.0]       Great pistol powder
By E.
from LA

I switched to this powder a couple years ago after using HS-6 in my 9mm loads. WC231 is more versatile, it burns well, meters easily, and I can get more rounds per lb. (~1400) than I could with HS-6. I’ve also used WC231 in .45 ACP loads, again zero complaints. Will eventually try with .32 ACP as well. Recommended!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0]       Used For Years
By V.E.
from PA

I have used WC231 for years. It is versatile (9mm, 38 Spl, 45 Auto). It especially works very well and economically for reduced load target ammo. Bores clean easily. No complaints.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0]       Good Pistol Powder
By O.F.
from GA

WC231 allows me to load 9mm, .38 Special and .45 ACP for target shooting and IDPA.

Much easier to keep a big jug of powder on hand that can be used for more than one cartridge type load.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0]       One of my favorite go to’s for handguns
By S27
from MO

I’ve used this for the wife’s .357 and .38 loads, my .40 M&P and the .45 ACP. I get good overall results. As with all powders you have to experiment with them but w/Hornady XTP and plated bullets I’ve had excellent results for base loads.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


[5.0]       This is the powder I use …
By J.
from OK

This is the powder I use in all of my non magnum handgun loads. I’ve been using it since 1991. It burns clean and gives consistent velocities.


[5.0]       Meters like water, great…
By C.
from GA

Meters like water, great midrange performer in the 45acp, 38spl, 9mm, and many others. I use this in 200 cast bullseye 45acp rounds and get superb accuracy. It’s my mainstay go to autoloader powder.


[5.0]       The perfect powder for 9mm 115 Gr…
By E.
from IL

The perfect powder for 9mm 115 Gr bullets. Pair it up with the Win 115 HP and you have the near perfect economy 9mm load. Sierra or XTP 115 Gr for premium loads. Great for any revolver (special) loads, not mag loads. Meters perfectly like most ball powders. One jug of WC231 for practice loads, H110 for mag revolver loads, Longshot for major power semi-auto loads, HS6 for mid-level loads and you are close to set for handgun powders.


[4.0]       Meters fine thru my auto…
By J.
from AR

Meters fine thru my auto disk system. Tables were off for me in the less than .5 grain load table. Works clean and shoots clean. Great powder work great in my test loads in 9mm Luger. Would recommend for a great price and great powder.


[5.0]       Works well in my .38 Spl…
By G.L.
from IA

Works well in my .38 Spl loads, using 158 gr. SWC’s.