Pistol Powder OBP242

Pistol Powder (OBP242)

This double-base ball powder is designed for accuracy.  Due to its design, this powder provides flawless ignition with all types of primers including the lead-free versions.  Unlike pistol powders of the past, powder position in large cases (45 Colt, 357 Magnum and others) has virtually no effect on velocity and performance.  Cowboy Action, Bullseye and Combat Shooters should love this one!  OBP242 has it all: low charge weight, clean burning, mild muzzle report and superb, uniform ballistics.  This powder, upon initial ballistic testing, can be used in the following calibers: 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, .45LC, .380, .38, .357, .44 and 10mm.